Monday, 19 December 2011


So tonight is the Countryfile Christmas party, these are pretty unique events with this one being even more special because it will almost certainly be the last one in Birmingham.  We tried to concentrate on work matters throughout the day but it was pretty difficult, I bought in my secret Santa and put it in the sack with the rest of them, once I had made a pretty rubbish label.

I had to phone round organising a runner for the first week back in the New Year as Jack our regular runner is in on leave, so I sorted that out as well as finishing off some music, which was outstanding.  I also received a phone call from Chris (CHC assessor) to let me know that my funding had been ratified, so I would hear from someone in the first couple of weeks of the New Year regarding the next stage.  This was brilliant news and maybe another vodka & coke will be had this evening, Chris was also letting me know that his part in the process was now finishing.  During a process like this you see people come and go, people that are really good at their job.  It is hard then to see these people then move onto other cases as in an ideal world you want them to carry on with you.

It was nearly time, Dad arrived to help us get ready at work, so he bought in a change of clothes & my chair, which was great.  I was staying at Matt & Layla’s this evening as we were going to the Drop Forge in the Jewellery Quarter, I hadn’t been before so was really looking forward to it, we have already pre-ordered food and that sounded really nice.  Once I was changed two of my colleagues and myself jumped in a taxi for a couple of early drinks at the Rose Villa Tavern.

Eventually most people gathered at the Rose Villa Tavern before walking round to the Drop Forge to meet everyone else.  We sat down for food where I had chosen the beef main course followed by the panna cotta, it was really good especially the main course.  Once everyone had finished we retired to the bar downstairs where Santa gave out everyone’s secret santa presents and then the main even, the Craven awards.  These are given out for particular antics that have taken place throughout the year either in the office or out on location.

The categories and nominees are chosen by people in the office and then the script was created by Dan, he had done a brilliant job, in total there were about 10 categories.  I was lucky enough to win one called the  “the tarquin shineyhorse award” this was the award in dedication to the shineyhorse, which members of the team receive when they do something beyond the call of duty, it is owned and awarded by our Production Manager Hilary.  I had been nominated for this as not only had I broken the leg of the horse when I had received it during the year, but I also managed to break many things under the wheels of my chair including my mobile phone, which still bares the damage.  As you can imagine these events won me the award, I received it off JC and carried around with pride for the remainder of the night.

Eventually I called it a night, so I asked if the venue could help me out with a cab and before I knew it, it had arrived.  It was good staying at Matt & Layla’s as it meant I was able to get to bed quickly, but I had to wake Matt up, which I felt a bit bad about.

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